Employee Focused Programs

At Lockheed Martin, we support employee career growth and development through programs such as leadership workshops, networking opportunities, skill enhancement seminars, and mentoring relationships. Our employee-focused programs also center on providing academic scholarships, supporting our colleges and universities, and helping fellow employees during their time of need.

Employees are able to participate in our University Matching Gift Program.  Giving back to the colleges and universities that helped shape the lives and careers of our employees demonstrates the value we place on education and the respect we have for the teachers and professors who are shaping our future.  Employees can learn more through LMPeople.

Perhaps our most important program, our Employee Disaster Relief Fund, highlights the values and integrity of our workforce.  When unforeseen tragedy impacts our own Lockheed Martin community, they can request financial assistance through this program. This program is entirely funded by employees for employees. Employees can request relief through LMPeople.

Lockheed Martin continues to look for ways to improve the lives of its employees, better align itself with its philanthropic efforts and create inclusive employee programs. We most recently launched a new K-12 company matching program for employees by partnering with DonorsChoose.org to support STEM education in our local communities. The Employee-Focused Scholarship Programs will no longer be accepting applications for 2016 and future years. Thank you for your support as we continue to improve our workplace.